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Our goal is to help all students become successful lifelong learners, problem solvers, and contributors to our global society.





The school counseling staff at Marietta High School provides all students access to a comprehensive school counseling program centered on an engaging curriculum that encourages the highest level of student achievement through their growth in academic, career, and personal/social domains. In partnership with teachers, administrators, parents, and an involved community, the school counselors will help all students become successful lifelong learners, problem solvers, and contributors to our global society. 

The Marietta High School Comprehensive Counseling Program envisions for all students to be lifelong learners and productive and responsible contributors in a diverse, global society. They achieve to their fullest potential and make a positive difference in their home, workplace, and community

The Marietta High School Counseling Program believes that all students, regardless of individual differences, can achieve. These differences are considered in the design and delivery of the Marietta High School Counseling Program.
We believe:

  • All students are valuable and should be treated with dignity and respect

  • All students will have access to high-quality, comprehensive school counseling services provided by certified, professional school counselors who will advocate for their academic, career, and social/emotional needs in an equitable manner

  • All students will be positive influences in their community and attain fulfilling careers

  • All students can learn to become self-advocates and resilient in facing life challenges

  • All students will have the right to challenging and rigorous coursework appropriate to their academic and developmental needs

  • All students will receive equitable information

  • In the importance of providing a safe and nurturing place for all students to achieve their maximum potential

  • School counselors will advocate for all students and abide by all ethical standards for school counselors

  • School counselors will use data to design, implement, evaluate, and continuously improve the comprehensive school counseling program

  • School counselors will collaborate with the school community, families, and stakeholders to meet student needs and assist student development

Summer School Information

  • When: June5-July 13 (No classes on Fridays

  • Where: Virtual Tutoring- Mon.-Thur.- 4-5PM; In-Person Tutoring at Lemon St. 5-7PM

  • Credit recovery and Graduating Seniors=Free; Initial Credit=$220 per half credit

  • Registration: May 1-June 5

  • Need Help? contact R. Roberts at 770-429-3188, ext. 7158


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